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Which colour is right for you?

While choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen is down to personal taste, sometimes it helps to know the current trends and take a little inspiration from them. So which colour is right for you?

Warm neutrals, copper and browns
Warm metallic tones have become increasingly popular and can be matched with cooler shades or wood for an organic look. See more of this kitchen here.

Light and Bright
Ever popular in kitchens for a clean, bright look, pale tones and whites can be used to great effect with the use of marbles and woods washed with pale hues. You can see more of this kitchen here.

The Dark Side
Dark colour palettes are also remaining popular with the use of dark greys, blues, purples and greens.  Our design here has been brightened with pale wood flooring and a fun bespoke glass backsplash. You can see more of this design here

With a bespoke handcrafted kitchen the choice is yours. You can contact us on 0161 222 4040 to arrange a FREE consultation with one of our designers, or pop into one of our showrooms in Didsbury, Stockton Heath and Urmston to browse and get more inspiration. We hope to see you soon.

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Personalising your kitchen

We all have different tastes and although kitchen designs follow current trends, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a design that reflects your own needs and lifestyle. Adding personal touches to your kitchen can make all the difference, and that’s why it’s so important for us to learn your likes and dislikes at our first meeting, before we begin planning your new kitchen. Every kitchen we create for our customers, whether it’s a contemporary or classic space, is designed to reflect their personality and enhance daily life.

The layout of each kitchen is naturally influenced by the amount of space available. Islands are popular and can work as both storage areas and a place to eat. You can also build in extra sinks or a hob if desired.

More and more customers like to incorporate a seating area into their kitchens, so that when family and friends gather they can relax together while meals are prepared. At home entertaining has become increasingly popular, so we can incorporate bespoke drinks cabinets or a wine fridge into your dream kitchen.

Colour is also a great way to give your kitchen some personality. Whether you prefer bold colours on doors and walls or pastel tones, with smaller splashes of colour, it’s the perfect way to make your kitchen individual and a part of your home that you enjoy spending time in.

You’ll see lots of individual designs for our customers here on our website. Why not pop in to one of our showrooms to see our latest displays. You can also make an appointment with one of our designers for a free consultation to discuss ideas and begin planning your ideal kitchen.

Download our brochure now!

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Add some hygge to your home this winter

Everything has its placeHygge- pronounced Hue-gah is a Danish word, the closest translation to English is ‘cosy’ or ‘warmth and comfort’. As the ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen is the perfect room to create hygge.

This trend seeks to break the stressful impact of modern day life, bringing over some well needed relaxation time and turning a house into a home. Hygge could be a hot drink at home after a busy day at the office, or warm sheets straight from the tumble dryer.

To really achieve hygge, you are looking to inspire a cosy, sanctuary that brings feelings of comfort. It is important to create a nostalgic feel with plenty of space to display family photos and personal objects that make you happy.

Create a warm atmoshpereHere are some helpful ideas for beginning the journey to a hygge lifestyle, beginning in the kitchen:

Be clutter free. Hygge promotes reusing where possible, and keeping only things that make you feel positive; subtle storage keeps a kitchen hygge and tidy. Everything has it’s place.

Natural lighting, like candle flames or fireplaces, but light from windows or even dimmable electric lighting can be just as soothing.

Warmth: comfortable seating and the opportunity to lounge or entertain friends is vital to have that homely and affectionate atmosphere. Any opportunity to add a faux fur seat cover, or a few cushions is a bonus.

Personal touches, such as photographs and loved objects to decorate.

Typical hygge décor remains clean and subtle in tone, no harsh colours, although many choose to place colourful spring flowers around a room in winter. Keep kitchens from looking cold by adding different shades and muted tones.

Food and drink: usually warm… soup, hot chocolate, even cake- whatever brings that feeling, although home baked is always best!

We hope we’ve inspired you to embrace a ‘hygge life’.

Photos are of Earle & Ginger’s completed projects photographed in our customers homes.

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Become a Star Baker with Neff

With the return of the Great British Bake Off, the range of NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide® Ovens are visible to us each week on our TV screens. With space saving qualities and the promise of a great, even bake we think this range of ovens are one of the most innovative design ideas in years and will help to make you a star baker.

With the door safely stowed away, not only do you have more space in the kitchen, you can get closer to the oven. Basting, tasting and removing trays is much easier. As a proud 5* Neff Master Partner we can design your new kitchen around your choice Slide&Hide® Oven.

Ask in your nearest Earle & Ginger Kitchens showroom for more information about the range available.

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Siemens aCool

Our designers like to keep up-to-date with the latest appliances available and we love the Siemens aCool system.

Although they may be behind closed doors Siemens aCool elegant and functional range of built-in fridge freezers are going to become the talking point of any kitchen. You are bound to be impressed, whether you’re in the market for a built-in fridge or a stylish wine cabinet, the range is both elegant and functional.
Models in the aCool range offer unique storage solutions and bespoke combinations that can be constructed to suit your needs. The range offers sophisticated storage and stunning functions which are outlined below.

aCool Electronic Display
The Siemens aCool display keeps you informed of the precise temperature and helps you navigate easily through the operating menus.

Telescopic Rails
Easy to access drawers with telescopic rails. Powerful enough to take the weight of drawers and their contents, telescopic rails provide convenience when loading the fridge.

Door Sensor
Sets off a warning alarm if the door is left open for any reason, keeping the temperature at an optimum level.

LED Lighting
Both energy efficient and practical, the LED lighting is seamlessly integrated into the sidewall of the fridge for maximum illumination and no loss of fridge space.

In-door ice and water dispenser
The conveniently placed in-door ice and water dispenser featured in certain aCool freezers delivers chilled water, crushed ice and ice cubes at the touch of a button.

Using an air circulation system which removes humidity and stops frost and ice building up on the walls or packaging, you will never have to worry about defrosting your freezer again.

For more information get in touch with your nearest Earle & Ginger Kitchens showroom.

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Neff TimeLight Range

More innovative ideas for your kitchen, this time from the Neff TimeLight range.

You need never interrupt a cycle again with NEFF’s TimeLight feature. The remaining time that the machine has to run is projected onto the floor from integrated washing machines and dishwashers.

Ask in our showrooms for more information.

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Neff celebrate 140 Years of business

Since NEFF pioneered the first stove and oven in 1877, food, culture and technology has evolved a great deal. This year Neff celebrate 140 years in business.

One of their most popular products that launched 15 years ago is the NEFF Slide&Hide® oven. Earlier this year on 27th April, Neff saw the one millionth Slide&Hide® hit the production line – ready to bring another cook’s dishes to life.

The unique Slide&Hide® oven not only gets you closer to your cooking, it now cleans itself too with Pyrolytic self-cleaning function. The Pyrolytic self-cleaning technology is a high temperature function that blasts grease, splatter and spillages into ash, which can then simple be wiped away, no chemicals needed. That’s all there is to it, which makes cleaning your oven a simple task and leaves you more time to create beautiful meals to enjoy.

There are 3 ovens in the range to choose from and as a Neff MasterPartner Earle & Ginger designers can offer you expert advice on which oven from the Slide&Hide® range is best for you. So call into one of our showrooms in Hale, Stockton Heath, Didsbury or Urmston to browse some of our award winning kitchen designs and see the innovative Neff Slide&Hide® close up.


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Ovens from AEG

Discover incredible baking, grilling and roasting with a multifunction oven from AEG. Master new flavours with a steam oven. Or spend less time cleaning with an AEG oven that cleans itself.

Take a look at just a small selection from the complete range that’s available from Earle & Ginger Kitchens.


aeg-bp500352dmAEG BP500352DM oven
  • Added steam for great taste, texture and colour
  • Impress the professionals!
  • Higher performance with our exclusive cooking technology
  • Stay firmly in control of the progress of your dish

Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design

aeg-bp5003021mAEG BP5003021M oven
  • Meet the highest standards in kitchen cleanliness
  • Perfectly cooked food, exactly when you want it
  • Higher performance with our exclusive cooking technology
  • Stay firmly in control of the progress of your dish

Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen DesignAward Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design


aeg-kr8403021mAEG KR8403021M compact oven

Complementary cooking in a smaller size, this compact 2000W microwave with grill can defrost, brown, par-cook and heat, fast. Part of a modular design concept, it can free up hob or oven space if there’s more to feed. Its by-weight, or by-time programming, means no more guesswork — just select and go.

To find out more call into one of our showrooms in Didsbury, Urmston or Hale.

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Take Taste Further with AEG

We’ve been working closely with AEG and love the wide range of cutting edge appliances that are available for your kitchen from this leading manufacturer.

aeg-1AEG also offer great advice and tips for home cooks via their Taste pages online and expert opinions on how to take taste further, from sourcing great seasonal food to it reaching your plate as a tasty and nutritious meal.

Almost space age technology from the MyAEG App connects you so that you can programme your ProCombiPlus Smart oven remotely. The app even sends cooking tips and timing reminders direct to your phone or tablet. You can find out more about this innovative idea in the video below. We’re impressed and are sure you will be too. Call into one of our showrooms to see some of the AEG appliances up close and to chat about how we can incorporate this advanced technology into your new kitchen.

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Beautiful work surfaces in a wide range of durable materials

We can provide exactly the work surfaces to suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Choose from solid wood, hard wearing Granite
in a wide choice of colours, Quartz including  Silestone and Caesarstone, or beautiful fluid Corian for a sleek contemporary finish.

We are a ‘Silestone Elite Showroom’. Silestone is made up of 94% natural quartz, which makes it extremely hard and resilient.

Click the pictures below to read more about each finish and to see examples of our work.

CorianQuartz Work SurfaceGranite Kitchen Work SurfaceSolid Wood Kitchen Work Surface

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