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How to maximise storage space

Enough storage space is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your kitchen. It’s so easy to put everything ‘on the side’ and this can lead to your kitchen looking untidy. There’s also the question of where to store cookware and utensils, appliances and food.

Built-in Kitchen Units

When it comes to making the most of your kitchen’s space, the easiest solution is built-in kitchen units. This type of unit doesn’t impact on your floor space and can include kitchen units at floor level, corner units with magic corners for easy access, drawer bases and units on the walls. Pull-out larders suit contemporary kitchen designs, whilst built-in larders with drawers and spice racks lend themselves to traditional and classic kitchens.

Kitchen Islands

When space allows, a kitchen island can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen, providing extra storage space where you need it. Islands can also allow for informal dining at breakfast or a mid-week supper, without sitting at a dining table. They provide extra food preparation space and can incorporate sinks, hobs and even very handy wine coolers.

The beauty of a bespoke Earle & Ginger kitchen, is that there are no hard-and-fast rules and we will accommodate your personal taste to create a kitchen that suits your lifestyle.

Take a look at more examples of clever storage solutions we’ve used in our customers homes, or call in to your nearest Earle & Ginger showroom to see the latest available.




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Ideal Home Show Manchester 2016

IMG_7850smallWe had a fantastic time meeting everyone at the Ideal Home Show at EventCity, crowds swarmed and kept us busy for the whole event.

We were able to demonstrate the latest kitchen appliances from AEG and talk about our bespoke kitchen design and installation service.

IMG_7839croppedMixing with celebs like ‘Amazing Spaces’ George Clarke and seeing innovative ideas in other areas of home improvement was an added bonus to a great weekend.

IMG_7844smallThank you to everyone that visited our stand over the 3 day event. We’re looking forward to working with some of you on projects over the coming months.

If you missed the show you can download our brochure, or pop into one of our showrooms in Didsbury or Hale. Our brand new and largest showroom in Urmston is due to open on 19th July and we’d love to see you there.

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*** Up to £700 off on Neff appliances ***

Neff appliancesThe new year is upon us and as January can be a bit tight for us all after the Christmas festivities, I thought now would be the great time to shout about the amazing offer that we have from Neff appliances at the moment – up to £700 off when you buy up to 5 selected built-in appliances!

The promotion is running until the 28th February 2015, so if you’re thinking about your a new kitchen with some brand new Neff appliances, now is the time!

Why not pop in to our Didsbury or Hale showroom and ask for more details?

For other great offers from Neff, take a look here http://www.neff.co.uk/offers-news-events/promotions.html

Jane x

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Designer kitchen for sale

Ex-display kitchen for sale with Neff Appliances, Quooker Tap, Hafele Accessories and Quartz worktop £9,995!! (including VAT)

We have a fantastic designer kitchen for sale from our Didsbury Showroom due to new displays coming soon. We are selling our Neff display which includes a multitude of Neff appliances, Hafele accessories, Quooker tap & a Silestone quartz worktop for an amazing £9,995.00 (RRP £20,000.00). Call our Didsbury showroom or pop in for more information.


  • Pale Cream, Matt finished doors
  • 50mm Cordoba Olive boxing & plinth
  • Silestone Iron Ore (Eco) 20mm worktop & 100mm upstand
  • Boss Bar 250mm stainless steel Handles
  • ‘Grass Green’ Glass Splashback
  • Dimensions approximately 3225mm x 2395mm

Furniture & Fittings:

1. 400mm larder unit (1970mm tall) includes a 400mm Pull-Out, approximately 1700mm tall with 4 baskets from Hafele

2. 600mm oven housing (1970mm tal) (a) including – Neff Combination Microwave C57M7ON3GB and a Neff Single Oven with ‘Slide & Hide’ door B45E52N3GB/01. 1 x deep drawer with shallow internal drawer below appliances.

3. 600mm oven housing (1970mm tall) (b) including – Neff Coffee Machine C77V6ON2GB/08 and a Neff Aqua Assist Oven B46C74N3GB/01. 1 x deep drawer with shallow internal drawer below appliances.

4. 600mm drawer pack – 1 cutlery drawer and 2 pan drawers –  including a solid oak cutlery tray.

5. 900mm x 900mm corner unit includes a 3/4 Carousel from Hafele (solid base).

6. Neff Fully Integrated Dishwasher S51M53X1GB.

7. 500mm door corner unit, left hand hinge, left hand blank, includes a LeMans corner pull out from Hafele (solid base).

8. 600mm sink base unit with a 370mm wide undermount ‘Haiku’ Silestone sink includes a Blanco Trim Flex Tap (chrome) BM/1520/CH and a Quooker Nordic Round Tap (chrome).

9. Neff Induction Hob T40B31X2GB (no stainless steel trim)

10. Neff Telescopic Extractor D4672X0GB in 570mm tall unit.

11. 2 x 150mm wall units (720mm tall) includes 150mm Pull-Outs.

12. Wall unit 600mm (720mm tall).

13. 1 x Recessed under cabinet lighting – natural white.



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If it was your kitchen…..?

There are 6 designers on our team at Earle & Ginger, and as your designers, we often spend our time scratching our heads and pooling our ideas together to make sure we can make your dream kitchen become a reality, no matter what the circumstances. During the design stage we often get asked that age old question, which is incredibly difficult for us to answer; because it all comes down to personal taste. As much as we can suggest ideas and provide you with all the information you need, ultimately you will still end up making your own decision.


So, what would we do if it was our Kitchen?

As you can imagine, we hold an incredible amount of information in our heads, and in our showrooms, of all the different styles, colours and materials available for your bespoke kitchen; and like you, we all have different tastes and opinions on what we think looks good. So, wanting to try a little experiment, myself and Lucy have taken some time to think about what our own personal kitchen would be like if we had no restrictions at all. It was really difficult to get started on this because just trying to choose a style is bad enough, traditional, classic, modern, European, rustic, industrial, lofty… overload… beginning to understand how our clients feel!


Lucy’s Kitchen

Lucy is Earle & Ginger’s head designer and the manager of the Hale showroom, she has many years under her belt and has created some incredibly inventive and completely bespoke designs, which can be viewed in our gallery. She has very strong ideas of what she likes and I always thought she might have opted for a sleek glossy design, but I love her interesting choice (and I’m a little gutted I didn’t think of it).

Lucy opted for a modern ‘Italian’ style kitchen which would boast lots of hidden storage in very slim tall larders and wall units, accompanied by lots of open shelving; and a mix of textures to create a warm & inviting space.

“I like the use of the wall and base units as a division within an open plan space.”

Being a true modernist, clean lines and linear shapes are a must with Lucy, along with sculptural forms and use of furniture to divide open spaces appropriately.


“European design interests me, particularly Italian design and it is often the continent I turn to for inspiration.”


Ultimately I would love my new kitchen to have a very similar feel to this Leicht kitchen (above). The deep and raw feel of the wood grain used contrasts so well against the matte or gloss neutral units, it’s a modern scheme that still manages to feel warm. Although I think I would break the back bank up to allow for extra work surface.

Getting down to practically, there are a few specific items that Lucy said were vital to making this kitchen her own, one is a Miele Sous chef warming drawer.  Once the colder months roll in, she loves making one pot soups and casseroles, and the simplicity of a sous chef makes it an easy job.

An induction hob was key to keeping the clean lines of the kitchen and to allowing her to use a traditional whistling kettle, which also eliminates the need for extra plug sockets and even a hot water tap.

Instead of a microwave Lucy opted for a steam oven to enable her to retain the flavour and vitamins of her food which a much tastier result than from a microwave.

The final item that Lucy needed for her dream kitchen was a larder fridge with humidity control to ensure all those veggies stay fresh for a longer period of time; and a small ice box as she doesn’t often require a freezer.


Francesca’s Kitchen

I’ll just start off saying that I found this task so difficult, there are so many different materials and colours I would love to use in my own kitchen but looking over my research there were a few reoccurring options so I felt that must be the right choice. Similar to Lucy’s kitchen, my kitchen has European influences, is incredibly linear and uses a mix of natural materials alongside the likes of gloss and quartz. With a slightly Scandinavian style, my attention is always drawn to pale washed woods, white & nude, and chunky materials such as a 60 or 80mm quartz worktop.

The image below, found on trusty Pinterest, was one of the first images that stood out to me, I love the linear lines and the play of depths and levels with the contemporary wall units. I feel for such a square kitchen it adds depth and interest to something that could have risked being quite flat. The colour scheme is on point for me, white with warm mushroom greys and modern wood textures, it’s feminine without being ‘girly’ which can sometimes be a difficult look to achieve in the kitchen. (If I had to choose one, this would be my exact kitchen!)


Although I enjoy contemporary styling’s, it’s important to me that the kitchen stays warm and inviting; which is why I think I’m so keen on wood as a main material. In terms of  actually using the kitchen, I enjoy cooking but I can safely say I won’t be hosting any extravagant parties, so minimal but functional appliances are perfect for me.

Personally I love the look and features involved with Siemens appliances so my first instinct is to opt for them for my cooking. Steam ovens are popular at Earle & Ginger and I don’t think any of us would turn down the chance to have one. A steam oven is a must for me, almost any meal can be made in a steam oven with a lot less prepping and attending to your cooking, but with maximum flavour and nutrients locked in. Who doesn’t love easy gourmet cooking!?

A pyrolitic (self cleaning) single oven would accompany the steam, no more scrubbing combined with perfect baking & roasting results thanks to the huge selection of pre set programmes available with the likes of iQ700 models.

Making sure my new Quartz worktops are kept clean and tidy, a Quooker boiling water tap would save me energy, money and clutter which is a pet hate of mine!

Finally, to give me optimum storage space a slimline dishwasher would suit me perfectly, it has all the same features as a full size model but leaves me more room for cupboards & drawers.


Although mine and Lucy’s kitchens appear to be fairly similar the detailing and specifications make them very different,and very personal, to the ways in which each of us use our kitchens on a daily basis. I found this task so difficult and can understand more now than ever, what our clients go through when trying to even get started on a design; which normally leads them to ask “What would you do if it was your kitchen?”.


In relation to this post I will be putting some tips & advice together for you on how to make the design process easier, if you’re currently struggling to design your kitchen. As a designer we can easily create a practical layout or even a show stopping kitchen full of gadgets and gizmos; however it’s up to you to specify what you need and to ensure that the space will work for you and your needs. Don’t let our creativity run away with us, because if you do…… you’ll end up with one of our kitchens! ^^^^

If you’d like to talk to one of our designers about creating your perfect kitchen, use the tab above and choose your local showroom and get in touch.



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Product Spotlight

With summer just around the corner there are lots of fresh and interesting new ideas and accessories being designed and developed for your new kitchen and today I’m going to point the spot light on some new and some existing products that we are loving for the kitchens of 2014.

Silestone Alpina White 

An existing quartz colour from the Silestone range that has recently been drawing my eye is their ‘Alpina White’, as with any worktop, images do it no justice, but in reality it is a natural mixture of mushroom greys giving a mountainous and earthy feel to any kitchen.

Given its strong and very detailed flecked design it is the perfect feature worksurface to complete any otherwise quite plain kitchen.

Both of our showrooms display and supply Silestone quartz and our Didsbury showroom is proud to be an Elite member of the Silestone team allowing us to keep you up to date with the newest colours & information before general release.

Our Hale showroom currently has ‘Alpina White’ featured in our ever changing window display if you happen to be walking past.

Westin’s UV extraction filters

Westin are a company that supply a range of designer extractors, however their main field is to produce beautifully bespoke and individual extractors made specifically for you and your kitchen. They have recently developed a new and revolutionary technology of air filtering which eliminates the need for ducting or carbon filters inside the extractor.

Here is what Westin have to say about it:

”The Westin 360 technology works by re-creating and accelerating a natural process of air cleansing. Using Ultra Violet and Photo-Caralytic Oxidation technology the 360 system supplies a concentrated source of hydroxyls and super oxidants which effectively destroy odours, bacteria, pollutants and allergens.”    

Science aside, this mode of air purification is a safe and effective way of recirculation as opposed to ducting your extractor out which isn’t always possible. The 360 technology also carries a lower maintenance rate than regular recirculating extractors, requiring its UV bulbs to be changed only once a year as appose to every six months on average with regular carbon filters.

All in all this seems like a brilliant way to purify the air in your home and we are really excited to put it into action.

Siemens EH879SP17E

This is a product that clients can often have a reservation about, due to its main unique feature of a different colour, but our recent photography proves otherwise.

The extra wide flex induction hob is set apart by its colour, being made of a simple grey glass that gives almost a stainless steel effect while still being easy to clean and practical, as always is with induction.

Installed in Mrs Mason’s white on white kitchen, the EH879 has much less contrast than a regular black glass hob on lighter work surfaces, allowing it to blend in almost unnoticed into the kitchen its self.

The Siemens grey glass hob is the only grey model available on the market and makes for a beautifully understated feature in a seamless design. At 800mm wide it offers practicality and style in one model that is sure to impress.

All Siemens products are available to purchase with your kitchen from both our showrooms in Manchester, however our Hale showroom will soon be named a Siemens Studio Partner which will give us access to the brand new and exclusive Siemens StudioLine products.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Houzz for our latest ideas, inspiration, products and news updates from both our showrooms.

If would like any more information on any of the products featured in this blog or on our website please contact us through our contact page above.

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Siemens free pan offer!

Here at Earle and Ginger, we like to make sure our customers are taking advantage of all offers available. Siemens currently have an offer on their touchSlider flexInduction hobs, a free set of quality induction pans!

Free set of induction pans from Siemens

So it may be worth upgrading to a flexInduction that is tailored to customer needs, enabling you to use a small area for small pans, or an entire zone for large cooking pots.

The stylish touchSlider allows customers ease of use, simply by sliding their finger across the temperature scale to the desired setting.

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Spring Style

With spring just around the corner, what better time of year to think about updating your kitchen, ready for those long summer days, barbecues and parties.

Our Hale window display has been updated this week to reflect my spring cleaning mood! A new style handless door, in a beautifully cool spray painted grey, it boasts an incredibly high gloss finish to give a sleek and contemporary edge. Recommended as a matte contrast, I topped the door with Corian’s ‘Antarctica’ acrylic worktop to add texture while keeping things smooth and simple.


To bring in some natural warmth Spekva’s Safari Brasilica in river washed white would be the perfect accessory for a breakfast bar or integrated chopping board.

To finish the look I opted for a Farrow & Ball ‘Brassica’ splashback, from the exclusive Earle & Ginger range. The muted purple adds colour while keeping things stylish and levelled.

I personally, love this look, it’s cool, calm and I can imagine that your friends and family would be impressed with a kitchen this stylish that possesses something a little bit different.

We update our window schemes on a regular basis so keep your eyes peeled if you’re walking past the showroom, we like to think they could inspire you to create something new, different and full of character for your home.


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New Year News!

It’s been a busy 3 weeks that we’ve been back in the showrooms and before I share some exciting news with you all, I would like to (belatedly) wish all our clients, friends & followers a very Happy New Year!

Firstly I would like to mention that after a long time in the making, the Didsbury showroom is finished and all of their new displays have been finalised to showcase some of latest designs in our bespoke furniture including a beautifully curved island topped with Corian & Oak.


The Hale showroom will be following along in February, as you may already know, we’ve sold some of our displays and we are delighted to have been able to re-design new displays. Our main display will consist of  white gloss furniture with ‘Silver Birch’ Corian worktops which we are really excited about!

We have recently been named as a Siemens Studio Partner which means our new display will be boasting the latest and most exclusive Siemens appliances, The StudioLine Collection, which is only available to purchase through a very selected group of retailers which now includes Earle & Ginger!



Not only will we be proud to show off all our Siemens appliances, we have also become a Hafele master partner which enables us to offer you all the best storage solutions and accessories for your new kitchen. So we are going to make sure our new display is fully loaded with internals, accessories & gadgets for you to choose from.


We have a lot going on this year and we are really looking forward to sharing it all with you, we have lots of new projects in the making, more fantastic photography to share with you and I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way!

Here’s to a fantastic 2014!


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The design process: Part 1 – The Plan

Over the next few weeks, myself & Jane will be creating a detailed 3 part blog series that will illustrate the design & installation process that you can expect to follow when you choose Earle & Ginger for your new kitchen. We hope it will give you an insight into how we work on your project and how our award winning kitchens end up in your home.

Here at Earle & Ginger we strive to design and create the kitchen of your dreams with you in mind. There are various skills and tools we use to make the design practical and realistic for you to view and understand. After we have discussed your needs and wants for your new kitchen, we get started on designing the furniture, style and detailed workings of the kitchen, all by hand.


A plan drawing showing an induction hob and pan drawers below.


With the introduction of CAD software into the industry, hand drawn plans seem to be becoming a dying trade and a skill that has been quickly over taken by the new technologies. At Earle & Ginger we relish ourselves as designers and feel strongly that we will always hand draw our plans and use them in conjunction with CAD software to get the most out of our designs. Using a delicate set of ink drawing pens and a scale ruler we draw up every aspect of your kitchen completely to scale including intricate detailing on hobs, sinks and even internal storage.


The drawing tools we rely on to create our skillfully drawn plans.


As a designer, hand drawing our plans enables us to get a real feel for the space we are working with and allows us to create a kitchen best suited to your needs. As a customer you can use our drawings to understand the technical layout and construction of your kitchen which paired with our CAD visuals will give you the best idea of how you kitchen will look and work once fully installed.

Another hand drawn plan illustrating the sink area of a kitchen design.


All of our designers at Earle & Ginger are fully trained to the highest standard of plan drawing including the newer members of our team; we all find it incredibly relaxing to sit down with your requests and our ideas, take pen to paper and create your dream kitchen. Next week you’ll get an insight into how we pair or CAD visuals with our hand drawn plans to create a realistic 3D version of your new kitchen.


Our Didsbury showroom manager Ava, designing & configuring a kitchen.
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