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February 2013 Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine

We are thrilled to have been featured for a second time in the February issue of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine.As Seen in Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine

This time the 8 page article shows our involvement with architect Sonia Pabla-Thomas of Space: Architecture + Planning, who asked us to assist in the design and installation of this beautiful Corian kitchen at her home in Chorlton.

Working with Space: Architecture +Planning - Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine

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Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2013

With most of us tightening those purse strings after spending all of our pennies celebrating Christmas, we start the year trying to save our money – cooking and entertaining friends and family at home is great for this! To accommodate this, kitchen trends for 2013 will focus more on the timeless, ergonomic and functional aspects of a kitchen.

Here are 5 top kitchen design trends that will become increasingly popular throughout 2013:


Mix gloss kitchen cabinets and contemporary dining furniture with a large ceiling light and open wall shelves to create a stunning open space for entertaining.

Textures are going to be a big thing in 2013 – use clever cladding for wall panels, textured cabinet doors and unique shapes for your dining furniture to create a striking kitchen.

One of the simple and functional kitchen trends for 2013 – Wood finished kitchen cabinets, a decorative wall and a large Oak dining table for all the family to gather around. Simple but stunning!

Use clean lines, white tones and concrete finishes, with kitchen island designs that integrate dining spaces to create a sleek and contemporary kitchen.

Create a contrast in your kitchen with a mix of traditional cabinets, retro accessories and industrial fittings – works surprisingly well together!

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Why We Love Corian

A manufactured product, Corian has soared into our cities and our homes offering us a completely new way to design and to decorate. There is no end to your creation from simple kitchen worktops to entire architectural structures. Antonio Scarponi recently designed the Trampoline suites hotel, Riccione which was fashioned completely from Corian!


Trampoline Hotel - Corian

The Trampoline suites hotel, Antonio Scarponi. Riccione, Italy.

   Corian in the kitchen.

Corian has risen to fame within the kitchen design industry over the last 40 years, it enables designers to create shapes and lines never before possible in kitchen design. There are over 100 colours available for you to choose from all adding texture, colour and character to your project.

Corian kitchen

A kitchen designed by Earle & Ginger featuring Corian worktops.

When designing distinctive kitchens made up of curves, waves, drop downs and individually shaped bars, Corian is always our designers first choice of worktop. It flows effortlessly throughout the kitchen without a seam in sight, and boasts a better standard of quality than natural stones.

Its non porous qualities that enable it to be used in hospitals and laboratories, mean that in your home, you don’t have to worry about corrosion, bacteria or staining after any nasty spills. A feature that I find particularly enjoyable, is that even during the colder months of the year, it stays warm to the touch at room temperature, unlike natural stone which has tendencies to stay incredibly cold all year round.

I asked Designer and showroom Manager Ava Morris, what her favourite thing about working with Corian is, she answered,

It is a limitless product with endless possibilities, and allows me to create kitchens with completely individual features.”

Corian worktops

An Earle & Ginger kitchen with completely seamless, curved Corian worktops.

Corian truly is an Innovative contribution to the design and architecture industries, and as we develop and grow I know Corian will shape and form with us.



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Designer Magazine Awards 2012 – The Results!




So the day finally came that we ventured down to London to network with the finest designers and kitchen and bathroom companies nationwide. What a great day it was!

The venue was beautiful, situated on the North Moat of the Pavillion at the Tower of London. We were greeted with a champagne reception in a ‘Gatsby’ themed Marquee which incorporated the design trends of the Roaring Twenty’s. Moving into a glamorous room filled with rich colours, lights and extravagant table settings for our delicious 3 course meal and fine wine.



The host; designer, author and presenter Oliver Heath opened the awards with a presentation on his urban eco concepts. This set the tone for the rest of the afternoon, with awards such as ‘Innovation in… sustainability, technology and materials’.

What a fantastic mix of people and awards, ranging from particular kitchens and bathrooms to full showrooms and luxury awards. Unfortunately Earle & Ginger were not winners this year, but to be recognised and being acknowledged as a finalist in a category such as ‘Kitchen Design of the Year 2012 (over 25K)’ is a massive accomplishment!

The ceremony was finished by acknowledging the bright designer Karim Rashid with the ‘Simon Taylor Award for Lifetime Achievement’. Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to his legend of design.

Hopefully this experience will be the first of many more nationwide award entries. With so many very exciting kitchens being discussed, designed and installed, will be make it our priority to get our name out there in the best way possible… watch this space!



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Why we Love: Quooker hot water taps.

Since development started on the Quooker in the early 1970’s the infamous hot water tap has since become a revolutionary design that is highly recommended in the industry of design and interiors. The birth of the Quooker came about when engineer Henri Peteri was working on the development of instant soup for an international food company, he realised that soup could never be instant without boiling water on tap. With this idea fresh in his mind, he left the company he was working for, set up shop in his cellar and began the development process of the Instant hot water tap.

With many practical features the Quooker tap will offer its best performance, whether you’re after a single cup of tea or a large pan of boiled water. The Quooker tap is the original brand of hot water tap and is the only brand that can guarantee you exactly 100°C no more and no less.

Quooker is the original brand of instant hot water tap and is the only brand to offer exactly 100°C.


One of its most practical features is the ability to extend the neck of any Quooker tap. Simply pull the tap neck and raise it to your preferred height, this feature eliminates the struggle of fitting large pans in the sink to fill them with water.

The extendable neck feature makes filling small cups or large pans easy and safe.


With 100°C on tap, safety if the main question on peoples mind when they are first introduced to the Quooker tap. Operating with a medicine cap style lever means that the Quooker is incredibly safe, it cannot be accidently turned on and cannot be used by children.

Quooker seem to be creating new ideas and styles to keep their taps energy efficient, practical and aesthetically pleasing all the time. Their latest innovations are the Quooker twin taps; a stylish range of hot water and mixer taps that match completely, offering the perfect practical set up to any new or existing kitchen.



A stylish range of designs and finishes ensures that you can find the perfect Quooker for your kitchen, whilst saving time, energy and money. Its sleek design guarantees a mess free styling, de cluttering your work surfaces and completely eliminating the need for a kettle. Here at Earle and Ginger kitchens we regularly use the Quooker in our designs and find it to be one of the most beneficial inventions for any kitchen.

Design Quooker in chrome, used in an Earle & Ginger design, recently featured in KBB magazine.

Design Quooker in brushed chrome, used in an Earle and Ginger design.

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Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2012



It is almost time for Earle & Ginger to make the journey from Manchester to London to mingle with the best of the UK’s kitchen and bathroom talent for the Designer awards 2012! Keep a close eye out on our Facebook and Twitter for updates and photos to show what a great event it will be.

See Manchester press coverage for Earle & Ginger Kitchens here on the Messenger website here…..




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Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine

As Seen in Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms Magazine

We are delighted that this Earle & Ginger kitchen, designed by Lucy Popps is to be featured in the December edition of this magazine.

You can read the full article on-line by clicking here

Earle and Ginger Kitchen designed by Lucy Popps

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Six Festive Ways: Pumpkin Perfection

With Halloween fast approaching you’ll find your local stores fully stocked with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes ready to be carved and lit up as a festive treat for the children. However when it comes to joining the festivities do not assume that pumpkins are just for children; with a little creativity you can create the perfect centre piece or elegant ornament for your home. Read on to be inspired by six of the most beautiful ways to transform a regular pumpkin into a personalised masterpiece.

Using real pumpkins is a great way to add warmth and classic charm to your home but when making ornaments and decorations, using false pumpkins means that you can use reuse them year after year or even give them as gifts to friends and family.

*Remember, after you have hollowed out your pumpkin, save the insides and cook up a delicious dish.


The Centrepiece:


This is a great idea for decorating any table when entertaining friends and family. It’s warm and welcoming and can be used throughout the season of autumn.

Remove the top of your pumpkin.

Hollow out the contents.

Pour a small amount of water in to the pumpkin shell and fill with your favourite autumnal flowers.





These simple ornaments will bring the warming autumn palette into your home and are great for little personalised festive gifts. There are so many colour and pattern combinations for this creation, they’re easy to personalise and will always add individuality to any space.

First give your pumpkin, a base colour of your choice.

Then using real or paper cut leaves, glue them to your pumpkin in your desired pattern.





When carving pumpkins it’s hard to think of anything else other than ghoulish Halloween faces, however  by delicately carving your pumpkin you can create and sophisticated autumn decoration for inside or outside your home.

This elegant pumpkin was created using a template of vines and ginkgo leaves that can be found here:       http://www.marthastewart.com/270940/vine-and-leaf-carved-pumpkin-centerpiece





These pumpkins are modern, fun and are guaranteed to brighten up any room; and they are incredibly simple to make.

Give your pumpkin a base colour of your choice.

Add masking tape in a cheveroned pattern or any other design you’d like to create.  To create evenly spaced chevrons on your pumpkin, cover the entire pumpkin with tape chevrons and them remove every other row.

Using tape to create evenly spaced chevrons.

Once you have removed alternate rows, paint over the gaps with your feature colour.

Then remove the rest of the tape the reveal your design.



Colour Blocking


These pumpkins make great ornaments and can be personalised to match any colour scheme.

Take three or four pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and simply paint them fully in different shades and colours.

For the best impact, display them close together with complementing accessories.




These crocheted pumpkins are a beautiful way to give any pumpkin a little elegance and vintage charm.

Give your pumpkin the base coat colour of your choice.

Then simply add a crocheted dolly over the stalk and secure with a little glue.


These simple, creative ideas will be sure to add some style and character to your home this autumn. Come and join the conversation, share your ideas, favourites and even pictures of your decorated pumpkins on our facebook page.


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