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Which colour is right for you?

While choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen is down to personal taste, sometimes it helps to know the current trends and take a little inspiration from them. So which colour is right for you?

Warm neutrals, copper and browns
Warm metallic tones have become increasingly popular and can be matched with cooler shades or wood for an organic look. See more of this kitchen here.

Light and Bright
Ever popular in kitchens for a clean, bright look, pale tones and whites can be used to great effect with the use of marbles and woods washed with pale hues. You can see more of this kitchen here.

The Dark Side
Dark colour palettes are also remaining popular with the use of dark greys, blues, purples and greens.  Our design here has been brightened with pale wood flooring and a fun bespoke glass backsplash. You can see more of this design here

With a bespoke handcrafted kitchen the choice is yours. You can contact us on 0161 222 4040 to arrange a FREE consultation with one of our designers, or pop into one of our showrooms in Didsbury, Stockton Heath and Urmston to browse and get more inspiration. We hope to see you soon.

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Personalising your kitchen

We all have different tastes and although kitchen designs follow current trends, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a design that reflects your own needs and lifestyle. Adding personal touches to your kitchen can make all the difference, and that’s why it’s so important for us to learn your likes and dislikes at our first meeting, before we begin planning your new kitchen. Every kitchen we create for our customers, whether it’s a contemporary or classic space, is designed to reflect their personality and enhance daily life.

The layout of each kitchen is naturally influenced by the amount of space available. Islands are popular and can work as both storage areas and a place to eat. You can also build in extra sinks or a hob if desired.

More and more customers like to incorporate a seating area into their kitchens, so that when family and friends gather they can relax together while meals are prepared. At home entertaining has become increasingly popular, so we can incorporate bespoke drinks cabinets or a wine fridge into your dream kitchen.

Colour is also a great way to give your kitchen some personality. Whether you prefer bold colours on doors and walls or pastel tones, with smaller splashes of colour, it’s the perfect way to make your kitchen individual and a part of your home that you enjoy spending time in.

You’ll see lots of individual designs for our customers here on our website. Why not pop in to one of our showrooms to see our latest displays. You can also make an appointment with one of our designers for a free consultation to discuss ideas and begin planning your ideal kitchen.

Download our brochure now!

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Add some hygge to your home this winter

Everything has its placeHygge- pronounced Hue-gah is a Danish word, the closest translation to English is ‘cosy’ or ‘warmth and comfort’. As the ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen is the perfect room to create hygge.

This trend seeks to break the stressful impact of modern day life, bringing over some well needed relaxation time and turning a house into a home. Hygge could be a hot drink at home after a busy day at the office, or warm sheets straight from the tumble dryer.

To really achieve hygge, you are looking to inspire a cosy, sanctuary that brings feelings of comfort. It is important to create a nostalgic feel with plenty of space to display family photos and personal objects that make you happy.

Create a warm atmoshpereHere are some helpful ideas for beginning the journey to a hygge lifestyle, beginning in the kitchen:

Be clutter free. Hygge promotes reusing where possible, and keeping only things that make you feel positive; subtle storage keeps a kitchen hygge and tidy. Everything has it’s place.

Natural lighting, like candle flames or fireplaces, but light from windows or even dimmable electric lighting can be just as soothing.

Warmth: comfortable seating and the opportunity to lounge or entertain friends is vital to have that homely and affectionate atmosphere. Any opportunity to add a faux fur seat cover, or a few cushions is a bonus.

Personal touches, such as photographs and loved objects to decorate.

Typical hygge décor remains clean and subtle in tone, no harsh colours, although many choose to place colourful spring flowers around a room in winter. Keep kitchens from looking cold by adding different shades and muted tones.

Food and drink: usually warm… soup, hot chocolate, even cake- whatever brings that feeling, although home baked is always best!

We hope we’ve inspired you to embrace a ‘hygge life’.

Photos are of Earle & Ginger’s completed projects photographed in our customers homes.

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New Year, New Brochure

Earle & Ginger Kitchens 2017 brochureOur new kitchen design brochure for 2017 is ready to download. It’s filled with our latest designs which have been photographed in our customer’s homes.

There’s also lots of information about the different kitchen worksurfaces available, appliances and space saving storage ideas for your new kitchen.

If you’d like to discuss some ideas we’d love to see you at one of our showrooms in Didsbury, Urmston or Hale. So please pop in for a coffee and a chat. You can also phone us on 0161 222 4040 or use the forms on our Contact page to get in touch.

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Ovens from AEG

Discover incredible baking, grilling and roasting with a multifunction oven from AEG. Master new flavours with a steam oven. Or spend less time cleaning with an AEG oven that cleans itself.

Take a look at just a small selection from the complete range that’s available from Earle & Ginger Kitchens.


aeg-bp500352dmAEG BP500352DM oven
  • Added steam for great taste, texture and colour
  • Impress the professionals!
  • Higher performance with our exclusive cooking technology
  • Stay firmly in control of the progress of your dish

Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design

aeg-bp5003021mAEG BP5003021M oven
  • Meet the highest standards in kitchen cleanliness
  • Perfectly cooked food, exactly when you want it
  • Higher performance with our exclusive cooking technology
  • Stay firmly in control of the progress of your dish

Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen DesignAward Winning Kitchen Design
Award Winning Kitchen Design


aeg-kr8403021mAEG KR8403021M compact oven

Complementary cooking in a smaller size, this compact 2000W microwave with grill can defrost, brown, par-cook and heat, fast. Part of a modular design concept, it can free up hob or oven space if there’s more to feed. Its by-weight, or by-time programming, means no more guesswork — just select and go.

To find out more call into one of our showrooms in Didsbury, Urmston or Hale.

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Christmas at Earle & Ginger Kitchens

Christmas at our Hale kitchen design showroom

Christmas at our Hale kitchen showroom

The Christmas countdown has begun, parties are organised and everyone is busy shopping for food and gifts. Our Hale and Didsbury kitchen design showrooms have been decorated and we’re working hard to complete new designs and finish installations before the big day.

Christmas is probably the busiest time of year in the kitchen, and we’re sure that all of our customers over the last year are making the most of their new kitchens and enjoying using their new appliances to bake and cook all of the Christmas treats.

After all of the celebrations you may feel that your own kitchen is in need of a freshen up or maybe a complete re-design. So at the beginning of January we’ll be releasing a new brochure to download for 2016 featuring kitchens that we’ve designed and installed for our customers this year, including hand painted classics and sleek, contemporary designs. Take a look for inspiration or browse the galleries on our website. Our designers will be happy to greet you in our showrooms to discuss your ideas and advise you on a bespoke design to fit in with your lifestyle.




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Opening up your kitchen

IMG_0410Design and architecture has evolved toward creating light spaces which are in harmony with the outside world. This evolution is reflected in the design of modern kitchens.  The kitchen used to be a very functional room where guests were not allowed to enter.  However, nowadays the kitchen serves as the main focus for entertainment in the home.  It comes as no surprise then that the kitchen is at the centre of modern changes in design; more so than any other room in the house.  It is very fashionable to open up the space and create an open plan room if possible, joining the kitchen, dining room and living room together.  As a result of this popular design, entertaining guests as well as everyday family life has become much easier. Again, it comes as little surprise that this open space planning progressed a step further and architects and designers started to open up the kitchen towards the garden. The ‘small back door’ is a thing of the past. The future lies in big patio doors which let the light in, making the kitchen look larger and brighter. This can work in any kitchen, no matter how small or big the space is.

Small kitchens:

If your kitchen is small like your garden, you can still open it up. An effective way to do this is to open up a wall and install patios doors. The choice of patio door will depend on your own style; you can choose from many Bi-fold doors, orangery doors, pocket doors and sliding doors. If your room is too small for a big door, simply choose the biggest you can and add as many windows as possible in the room to make it look more airy and light. IMG_4486Why not take your kitchen outdoors by using the same floor tiles on the patio? That will give the illusion that your room is much bigger and hasn’t stopped at the doorstep. If you have a small garden as well, you could simply tile up the space and add outside furniture…… creating an outside space with the atmosphere of an inside room. This way, not only will you have a great space to entertain your friends but you will also be encouraged to start using your outdoor diner more often.

In small spaces, it is always good to use gloss colours mixed with natural materials to keep your kitchen in harmony with your garden and reflect the light. Mixing high gloss doors with some wooden veneer doors is a stylish way which will make your kitchen looking appealing.

Big kitchens:

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen and nice garden, then why not try to use your view to its full potential. Installing loads of bi-fold or sliding doors in a big wall may be the perfect solution for you. If you are having new construction done you could go a step further and use two walls as your opening to the garden. You can see on the example of our customer’s kitchen, who add bi-fold doors on both walls on their kitchen, which opens up the kitchen in both directions. It is so easy for children to run around in and gives you the freedom to host even bigger parties and invite even more people!

When hosting a party plan your storage well to make sure all your plates and cutlery are near the patio door and not at the other end of the kitchen.  Another good idea would be to place a wine cooler or a beer fridge on the side of the island for easy access.

IMG_4947The colour scheme for big kitchens is endless as the room will be light and big. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of using matt or dark coloured doors.

Planning your kitchen layouts is very important in order to use the room in the best possible way. Earle & Ginger have some good suggestions for you to think about when you want to use your garden view to its limits:

  • Avoid using big extractors in the island as they block the sunlight
  • Make sure you face the windows when you cook or wash up to enjoy the view. The best way is to place your hob in the middle of the island and the sinks either in the island (if big enough) or simply near a window.
  • If you are having a breakfast bar, try to make the seats face the garden as well, by adding them either on the side




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The Miele CombiSet

A Miele CombiSet offers versatility and will combine exactly the amount of cooking zones you require with, for instance, built in scales, a deep fat fryer or even a Tepan Yaki, the choice is yours. It offers greater cooking choices than standard installations and will be the centre of your kitchen. You can choose gas, electric or induction hobs.

Appliances come in a variety of widths to suit your cooking needs and available space, so you choose a bespoke CombiSet to suit your lifestyle. No matter which units you choose they will all match perfectly in a stainless steel uniform design. Inclined control panels look sleek and make using your appliances easier.

All of the CombiSet gas appliances feature ‘Quick Start’ controls which can be switched on or off with the flick of a wrist and no need to press or pull the controls. Premium metal rotary controls emphasise the professional nature of the the appliances.

miele combiset

Miele have also deservedly been awarded the ‘Which’ Best Home Appliance Brand 2015. WhichBrand

Their extensive range of kitchen appliances covers cooking, baking, washing machines, fridge freezers, dishwashers and coffee machines.

You can see the Miele Tepan Yaki in one of our kitchen designs here, and to find out more about Miele CombiSets call into our showroom, where our award winning designers will be happy to advise you on the range.

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Bespoke Larder Units

IMG_0686A Larder is one of the oldest kitchen features, however they are still as popular as ever. The larder typically is a small room next to the kitchen or in the coolest part of the house, with stone floor, good ventilation, loads of slate or marble shelves and often hooks at the ceiling to hang meat. The main purpose of larder was to keep the food cool and fresh for longer. It was also a great place to keep cheese to mature. Not to confuse a larder with a pantry where bakery products were kept and food preparation took place. The Victorians also stored their kitchenware in the pantry. Nowadays most people buy pre-prepared food and most people store, prepare and cook food in the kitchen.


The Larder Unit in our Hale Showroom

Today we have fridges and freezers in any size or shape we can imagine, however larders are still in fashion. Nowadays we store most of our dry food in it as well as fruit, vegetable and preserves. The design of modern larder can be totally bespoke to your needs. It can be a freestanding cabinet, a built-in cabinet or a separate room.

The best way to maximise functionality is to have a bespoke larder unit, designed specifically for your needs. There are many storage options such as internal spice racks on the larder door and many different pull out options such as veg baskets, metal baskets or drawers. 


Under stairs larder cupboard

To make your larder even more functional and unique, why not to integrate a microwave, coffee machine or a wine cooler in the unit, just like we did in our Hale showroom. Our larder has illuminated glass shelves, Miele coffee machine and a wine cooler, as well as few drawers and pull out shelves to hold the cups while we making drinks. This kind of larder could be a wow feature not only in a traditional kitchen but in a contemporary one as well.

IMG_4494For those who have not got much space in their kitchen but perhaps have some room under the stairs, we found a perfect solution, which of course can be designed to your needs. A small larder that would fit all your jars, bottles and cans. Of course you could treat yourself to a little trolley in the larder if the space is deep enough. It is possible to implement a mechanism to utilise space, with shelving units that spin around and pulls out. Storing your food never was easier, more intuitive or wonderfully aesthetic.

Larder doors

IMG_3902The choice of doors for your larder is endless, any size, shapes, colours, styles. To choose the right door is important, if you don’t have much space a sliding or folding piano hinged door would be the perfect choice. If you have enough space you could use standard hinged doors and accessorise them with matching shelves or wire works that will store you herbs, cans, bottles etc.

If space is minimal a pull out larder may be  good option.

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Designer kitchen for sale

Ex-display kitchen for sale with Neff Appliances, Quooker Tap, Hafele Accessories and Quartz worktop £9,995!! (including VAT)

We have a fantastic designer kitchen for sale from our Didsbury Showroom due to new displays coming soon. We are selling our Neff display which includes a multitude of Neff appliances, Hafele accessories, Quooker tap & a Silestone quartz worktop for an amazing £9,995.00 (RRP £20,000.00). Call our Didsbury showroom or pop in for more information.


  • Pale Cream, Matt finished doors
  • 50mm Cordoba Olive boxing & plinth
  • Silestone Iron Ore (Eco) 20mm worktop & 100mm upstand
  • Boss Bar 250mm stainless steel Handles
  • ‘Grass Green’ Glass Splashback
  • Dimensions approximately 3225mm x 2395mm

Furniture & Fittings:

1. 400mm larder unit (1970mm tall) includes a 400mm Pull-Out, approximately 1700mm tall with 4 baskets from Hafele

2. 600mm oven housing (1970mm tal) (a) including – Neff Combination Microwave C57M7ON3GB and a Neff Single Oven with ‘Slide & Hide’ door B45E52N3GB/01. 1 x deep drawer with shallow internal drawer below appliances.

3. 600mm oven housing (1970mm tall) (b) including – Neff Coffee Machine C77V6ON2GB/08 and a Neff Aqua Assist Oven B46C74N3GB/01. 1 x deep drawer with shallow internal drawer below appliances.

4. 600mm drawer pack – 1 cutlery drawer and 2 pan drawers –  including a solid oak cutlery tray.

5. 900mm x 900mm corner unit includes a 3/4 Carousel from Hafele (solid base).

6. Neff Fully Integrated Dishwasher S51M53X1GB.

7. 500mm door corner unit, left hand hinge, left hand blank, includes a LeMans corner pull out from Hafele (solid base).

8. 600mm sink base unit with a 370mm wide undermount ‘Haiku’ Silestone sink includes a Blanco Trim Flex Tap (chrome) BM/1520/CH and a Quooker Nordic Round Tap (chrome).

9. Neff Induction Hob T40B31X2GB (no stainless steel trim)

10. Neff Telescopic Extractor D4672X0GB in 570mm tall unit.

11. 2 x 150mm wall units (720mm tall) includes 150mm Pull-Outs.

12. Wall unit 600mm (720mm tall).

13. 1 x Recessed under cabinet lighting – natural white.



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